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The following is the 2011-12 Substitute Employee Pay Information for Richland County School District One.

Substitute Category   Daily Rate Long-Term Rate NCLB Long-Term
Certified Substitute that meets the requirements of NCLB   $100.00 $150.00 Paid on Certificate
Certified Substitute   $100.00 $150.00  
  Registered Substitute Nurse   $150.00 $175.00  
  Non-Certified Substitute w/ 4 Year Degree   $75.00 $85.00  
  Non-Certified Substitut   $60.00 $75.00 Serving in the role of a classroom teacher
  Classified Substitute   $60.00 $65.00 $75 Para-Pro or Assoicate Degree


Individuals are identified by one of the categories below.

DAILY Compensation is paid on a per diem basis and will be processed according to the categories above. For example, if a certified substitute received an assignment to work for an instructional assistant, the daily rate would be $60.00.
LONG-TERM The long-term rate of pay begins after the substitute has worked in the district for ten consecutive days in the same assignment. The long-term rate begins on the eleventh day. The NCLB "No Child Left Behind" rate begins on day 21 of the assignment.
CERTIFIED Pay as a certified substitute employee will begin the day a valid South Carolina teaching credential is filed with the Substitute Center.
NCLB Certified teachers who meet the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 standards for being a highly qualified teacher are eligible for the NCLB long-term rate. This designation must appear on the SDE certification.



A passing score on the ParaPro Assessment must be submitted to HR to receive the NCLB long-term rate. This rate is applicable only when the long-term is in the role of an instructional assistant or instructional assistant shadow.
HALF-DAY Individuals scheduled to work in half-day assignments will receive 50% of the daily rate listed in one of the above diagrams. Five hours constitutes a half-day on a full-day school schedule.

Form #A-4/ SUBSTITUE PAYROLL (Revised September 28, 2010)